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  • March wall hangers at Bogue Homa

    March wall hangers at Bogue Homa

      Plenty of 4-5 pound female bass are caught in March at Bogue Homa, and you may catch a 10-pound plus bass. The weather and the moon phase will dictate when Bogue Homa’s big spawners will move into shallow water — generally at the end of February or the first of March. Baby 1-Minus I’ll […]

  • Hula Popper 2.0

    Hula Popper 2.0

      A little old, a little new combine to make this topwater catch bass Same size. Same action. Almost the same look. Same rave review on the results.  Arbogast hit a bass fishing home run last year when it marketed the Hula Popper 2.0, a spittin’ image of the G760 model of the original Hula […]

  • Bass bed fishing study

    Bass bed fishing study

      Multiple studies find no effect It’s that wonderful time on the bass-fishing calendar when bass move to predictable, shallow-water habitats to spawn. The egg-laden females are at their heaviest weight, and the nest-guarding males tend to be more aggressive. Some anglers question the effects of bed fishing on bass populations. Studies in the 1990s […]

  • Give bass a Gilly

    Give bass a Gilly

      Largemouth and anglers are gobbling up this new swimbait When you look at the new Berkley Gilly soft plastic swim bass bait in the package or in the water, it’s hard to imagine anything looking or acting more like a real fish, other than a real fish itself. The question is, do the bass […]

  • Fishing Ross Barnett’s February fronts

    Fishing Ross Barnett’s February fronts

    Even in the colder part of February, you can catch some nice-sized keeper bass on crankbaits and jerkbaits. Depending on the fronts moving through in February, bass may be in 1-10 feet or more of water and be super aggressive or slow to bite. A cold front at the beginning of February may occur with […]

  • Smasher Frogs

    Smasher Frogs

      Bass are blowing up on this life-like soft plastic topwater bait A top notch soft plastic, hollow-body plastic frog twitched and walked across the surface of a bass angler’s favorite fishin’ hole usually winds up deep in the throat of a good-sized bass. There are no two ways about it. When Prototype Lures LLC’s […]

  • New Matrix creation leaves bass, specks heads spinning

    New Matrix creation leaves bass, specks heads spinning

      When Chas Champagne took one of his artificial lure manufacturing company’s newest creations for a spin, he really took it for a spin. Actually, the prototype for the Matrix Spin was the star of the Dockside TV video released late last summer. The Matrix Spin video (matrixshad.com/shop/matrix-spin/) was actually shot before the spinnerbait arm […]

  • Trophy smallmouth fishing

    Trophy smallmouth fishing

    Jimmy Mason, a bass pro from Rogersville, Ala., shows off a smallmouth bass he caught on a soft-plastic tube while fishing Pickwick Lake, part of the Tennessee River system that flows through Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. A tube mimics a crawfish. When the water turns extremely cold, fish it very slowly. Even though their bite […]

  • Dispersal of tournament-caught bass

    Dispersal of tournament-caught bass

    These proud anglers caught these bass 35 miles from the tournament weigh-in and release site. Recent science says they will swim back toward their capture site. Fisheries managers have long been concerned with “stockpiling,” the accumulation of bass near tournament weigh-in and release sites. Multiple studies have assessed the post-release movement of tournament-caught bass. The […]

  • Bogue Homa’s January bassing

    Bogue Homa’s January bassing

      Catching bass in January is difficult. The fish’s metabolism has slowed down, and you won’t get numbers of bites. I’ve picked Bogue Homa because it’s a shallow lake, it homes creek channels and deep water, and most of the bass will be pulling into the creek channels in January, You still can catch some […]