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  • Bet on the July shade at Bogue Homa

    Bet on the July shade at Bogue Homa

    You may catch a bass of a lifetime at Bogue Homa in July using these three tactics. July’s a tough month to find and catch bass. Bogue Homa with its vast vegetation and cypress trees provides shade, ambush points and oxygen for the bass and the bait fish. Understand the daylight bite Your best bet […]

  • Mister Twister 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm

    Mister Twister 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm

    Shanda Sinkey of Frisco, Texas, hooked and boated this 8.72-pound bass on Mother’s Day on an 8-inch Mag BUZZ Worm, new from Mister Twister, while she was fishing on Lake Fork with her husband, Chris Sinkey. Bass angler Chris Sinkey of Frisco, Texas, had an idea before Mother’s Day how effective an 8-inch Mister Twister […]

  • Hit small creeks during summer months

    Hit small creeks during summer months

      By the time July rolls around, the temperatures are so hot that most anglers only get out on the water during the early morning or late afternoon. Diehard anglers know there’s one place you can still catch aggressive bass and that’s in small creeks and rivers. Many of these small creeks can be found […]

  • 911 Custom Lures hidden-weight spinnerbait

    911 Custom Lures hidden-weight spinnerbait

      High quality, compact sized spinnerbait from 911 Custom Lures The 911 Custom Lures hidden-weight spinnerbait features hand-tied skirting that hides a portion of the lure’s weight. Unlike traditional spinnerbaits that cram all the weight into the head, the hidden-weight version moves much of the weight toward the center of the lure, offering a more […]

  • Spro Flappin’ Frog 65

    Spro Flappin’ Frog 65

      Buzz up bass with this weedless kicking frog The SPRO Flappin’ Frog 65 features a hollow body and large kicker legs. Its weedless design allows anglers to buzz it through even the heaviest cover without snagging. The kicking legs act similar to buzzbait blades, calling in bass for explosive hits. But unlike buzzbaits, this […]

  • Simple wobblehead lure has endured time as steady bass catcher

    Simple wobblehead lure has endured time as steady bass catcher

      I still remember the first time I tossed a red wobblehead lure with a natural earthworm colored Creme worm trailer out into the grassy waters of Bayou Bartholomew and brought it back on a slow retrieve. As I watched it just under the water’s surface get closer to the boat, I didn’t know whether […]

  • Shallow water post-spawn bass

    Shallow water post-spawn bass

      Bass have spawned in many of our lakes and rivers by now and most of the bass are resting and feeding on any easy food they can find. Small fry that have recently hatched out are tempting targets for bass as they cruise the shallow coves, flats and ditches looking for an easy meal. […]

  • The Wesley Warbird

    The Wesley Warbird

      Funkbuster found niche with spinnerbaits, buzz baits and bladed jigs If bass anglers are in a funk over lack of bites, it might be time to turn to Funkbuster Baits made in Bossier City. Paul Funk, 52, and his family make one of the most popular bladed jigs on the market, the Wesley Warbird. In […]

  • Trophy fish, big problems

    Trophy fish, big problems

    Alabama bass provide anglers with a trophy bass opportunity in the Tenn-Tom Waterway lakes. (Photos courtesy Larry Pugh) Spotted bass are often disregarded by bass anglers as a smaller sort of black bass. But those who have caught “spots” appreciate their whip-cracking strikes and hard-swimming fights. And the not uncommon catches of “spotted bass” over […]

  • Pickwick Lake’s rod-bending bass action

    Pickwick Lake’s rod-bending bass action

      June is the best month to fish ledges for bass at the Tennessee River’s Pickwick Lake. By June, most of the bass have finished spawning, started to school up and begun to move out on the river ledges. The most productive section of Pickwick in June is from the dam up to the Natchez […]